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Orbit baby Toddler Car Seat G2 $309.00

Orbit baby Toddler Car Seat G2

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We have found very positive reviews after doing research on the Orbitbaby Toddler Car Seat G2. After referencing lots of reviews we have come to the conclusion that the Orbitbaby Toddler Car Seat G2 is a reliable car seat. This product has lots of great reviews.

The Orbitbaby Toddler Car Sear G2 comes with plenty of features that make it easy for customers to use. According to research, lots of users like the fact that it is BFR free.  Also the many safety features were mention in lots of reviews. The comfort and ease of use was also a big selling point to a lot of the customers in reviews.

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Orbitbaby Toddler Car Seat G2 Features and Specifications

  • Back Saving Rotation Technology
  • BFR (Brominated Flame Retardants) Free Product
  • Seat Docks Onto Stroller
  • BeltKeeper Feature
  • Side Impact Technology
  • Storage System for Straps
  • Microfiber and Ballistic Fabric
  • Extra Stroller and Sunshade Accessory Available

Orbitbaby Toddler Car Seat G2 Reviews

According to lots of users the Orbitbaby Toddler Car Seat G2 is a high quality car seat. The first thing that stood out to a lot of users was that the seat is BFR free. This means that it is free of any Brominated Flame Retardants which are hazardous to health. The fact that the seat is BFR free was mentioned in almost every review that we have researched.  Next big thing that was mention was the comfort of the seat. It is said to be amazingly comfortable for the toddler. The seat and head rest securely and comfortably supports the toddler. Plush microfiber keeps the baby comfortable and ballistic fabrics make the seat extra durable.

This seat comes with back saving rotation technology which makes it a lot easier for the user to strap in the child. The feature allows the customer to strap in the child in the forward facing position and then being able to easily rotate into a rear facing position. According to reviews this feature saved users a lot of hassle and strain by allowing to easily strap a child in and then rotating the seat to a backward facing position which is a lot safer for the child during car rides. Another advantage of this seat  that was mentioned is that it is able to dock into a stroller making it part of a travel system.

The Orbitbaby Toddler Car Seat G2 comes with a BeltKeeper feature that holds the crotch belt and harness out of the way while the child climbs into the seat. Protection is also a top priority to a lot of reviews and this seat is said to be one of the safest for your child. It includes extensive side impact safety features making sure your child stays safe. This product is also eko-Tex certified, which was a plus for lots of reviewers.

This seat comes with lots of positive reviews from customers. It has plenty of great features and the design is top of the line. Lots of reviewers liked the fact that the seat can be placed into a stroller and used that way easily. Also the seat comes with an option to purchase a sunshade accessory which makes it more comfortable for the passenger. After doing lots of research on this product we would not hesitate to recommend it.

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