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Chicco NextFit Convertible Car Seat $279.99

Chicco NextFit Convertible Car Seat

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The Chicco NextFit Convertible Car Seat carries innovative safety and convenience features, making it the easiest convertible car seat to install and one of the safest on the market. Only the NextFit has the ReclineSure 9-position Leveling System that provides the most recline options for a wide range of vehicles. The NextFit also features the SuperCinch LATCH tightener which uses force-multiplying technology to achieve a super tight and secure fit without hassle. NextFit has their version of KeyFit, called RideRight bubble levels. They indicate the correct seat angle in both rear facing and forward facing models.

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Key Features


  • ReclineSure 9-position Leveling System provides the most recline options for a wide range of vehicles
  • SuperCinch LATCH Tightener with force-multiplying technology that achieves a tight and secure fit without hassle
  • Two RideRight bubble levels that indicate the correct seat angle in rear facing and forward facing models
  • Integrated slide path making it easy to reposition the LATCH strap for conversion from rear to forward facing
  • 6-position headrest featuring an integrated auto-widening harness to accommodate older children
  • Removable infant insert for smaller babies
  • 5-point harness with 2-position chest clip
  • One pull harness tightener for a quick and secure fit
  • Built-in belt lock-offs for installation with vehicle belt
  • Machine-washable seat pad
  • Removable cup holder for either side of the seat
  • Children 5 to 40 pounds in rear facing mode and 22 to 65 pounds in forward facing mode




Our review is a wide scope examination of the NextFit Car Seat. We sift through thousands of reviews, compiling the pros and cons presented by real people who bought and use this car seat. This gives you a personal look at what the car seat can really do instead of just relying on the advertisement which will not mention negatives about the product. We will examine both the pros and cons of the Chicco NextFit Convertible Car Seat.




There are many excellent reviews for the NextFit, most commenting on the ease of use and installation that is hard to find any other car seat model. Installation was very easy with some reviewers commenting it only took a couple of minutes to install. There is no movement on the belt path and it is very solid in the car. Parents also loved that the car seat took up less room than infant seats, which makes them perfect for any size car.


The instruction manual was reported as simple with only pertinent information. Many reviewers complimented the clear instructions both in the manual and on the seat. Chicco supplied instruction stickers that clearly mark each step mentioned in the instruction manual which makes it easy to follow along and set up. Parents loved how deep the seat was, even if the babies do not like it because they do not have a clear view of siblings.


Reviewers also loved the recline options and commented that it really does fit in any model car with ease. The best part about the recline options is that parents do not need to place towels or pool noodles under the seat to get the proper recline position. Most car seats are limited in their recline options and tell their consumers to use a rolled up towel to achieve more extensive reclining. This is not the case for the NextFit, making it a favorite among safety parents. There is also a handy feature on the back of the car seat where parents can store the instruction manual for future reference. There are many of these small, convenient compartments hidden around the car seat.




Overall, parents complained about all of the straps being difficult to tighten. One of the biggest complaints for the NextFit Car Seat is the shoulder straps. Reviewers complained that they are not very soft and that their kids hate them on. Chicco has commented on this and said that the new models will have removable straps. For the moment, owners of the car seat can remove them and call Chicco for the new removable ones. Chicco has unparalleled customer service and will help you in any way they can to make sure you are satisfied.


Another common complaint is the crotch strap is short with the harness buckle digging into the baby’s legs. Again, Chicco says newer models will not have this issue and, if it bothers owners, they can call Chicco and get a longer strap. Some people complained about the difficulty in getting the straps to tighten properly, but other reviewers said people only need to pull the strap straight to get it to easily tighten. Parents also complained the harness is difficult to adjust, but that just takes some practice reported by other parents. Every car seat harness is a little difficult and the NextFit is one of the easiest ones to use.


Reviewers complained that the pads on the shoulder straps get in the way of doing a pinch test and can be too tight on a child. Some said they nearly hit their child on accident because they were wrestling with the clip. Other parents say it takes time for the straps to loosen and be easier to use. Reviewers also complained that the headrest is clunky and difficult to adjust. The button is a little stiff, but all you need to do it press that button and raise the headrest into a locked position.




Overall, the Chicco NextFit Convertible Car Seat is extremely versatile and easier to use. The car seat can fit into any car and is easy to adjust as the child grows. Parents love the reclining position that cannot be found anywhere else. It also has unique and innovative features, such as RideRight and SuperCinch. Chicco knows how to appeal to their customers and is constantly customizing their car seats so they are unique and specialized. It seems that the only major complaint is the difficulty in adjusting the straps, harness, and headrest. Others have reported that this is only difficult when first using the car seat and, over time, they will get worked out and be easier to use. The other complaints about the short crotch strap and the rough shoulder straps will be fixed in newer models and, if you are unsatisfied, you can call Chicco for replacements.

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