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Size4Me 70 Convertible Car Seat $182.99

Size4Me 70 Convertible Car Seat

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The Graco Size4Me 70 Convertible Car Seat is one of the most affordable car seat options on the market. With this cheaper price, however, comes some sacrifice with parents. The saying you get what you pay for is very true when it comes to the Size4Me with an average rating of three stars out of five from the handful of reviewers who tried this car seat out. While safety features are strong for the car seat, there are other annoyances that reviewers spoke about.

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Key Features


  • Side impact tested
  • Simply safe adjust harness system that is simple to adjust with one hand
  • No rethread harness that automatically adjusts
  • One hand, 8 position adjustable headrest with easy adaptation
  • One second LATCH attachment featuring the Size4Me’s exclusive right LATCH system
  • 5-point front adjustable harness helps getting the child in and out easier
  • Buckle positions for a growing child
  • EPS energy absorbing foam for effective energy management
  • Easy to read level indicator for simple installation
  • 3 position recline keeps a growing child comfortable throughout all stages of development
  • Integrated cup holder
  • Removable head and body support keeps the baby comfortable
  • Rear facing mode for children between 4 and 40 pounds
  • Forward facing mode for children between 20 and 70 pounds
  • Machine washable seat cushion and inserts
  • Brandon color fabric
  • Dimensions 19.28″ H x 22.33″ W X 26″ D




Our review is a wide scope examination of the Size4Me 70 Convertible Car Seat. We sift through thousands of reviews, compiling the pros and cons presented by real people who bought and use this car seat. This gives you a personal look at what the car seat can really do instead of just relying on the advertisement which will not mention negatives about the product. We will examine both the pros and cons of the Size4Me Car Seat.




There is a large range of reviews for the Size4Me car seat with people who absolutely love the car seat and people who see a lot of design flaws. Reviewers found the car seat very easy to install, especially compared to other car seats on the market. The car seat’s unique LATCH system found only on the Size4Me makes install effortless. Some reviewers had no issues tightening or loosening the straps. It seems that some models had easy harness adjustment while others had extreme issues adjusting the car seat.


Many commented on the comfort supplied by the Size4Me car seat, saying their child fell asleep within minutes of resting in the seat and stayed asleep for hours. One reviewer was worried about the seat after reading reviews online, but does not regret the car seat choice at all. The reviewer says they are very happy with their gut instinct to buy the car seat and do not have a single complaint.


For the most part, the car seat fit well in most car sizes. Depending on the make and model, the car seat may not fit in certain smaller cars. However, most people found little issue with the ability of the car seat to fit into the car.




Many reviewers had difficulties and annoyances with this car seat. Some loved the car seat because it fit in their small cars without issue. Others complained that the car seat was very cumbersome and difficult to use in their small cars. Those who complained about the ability of the car seat to fit into their car said they loved everything else about it and had no complaints. It all depends on the make and model of the car. Some people with small cars had no problems fitting the car seat while others had to return the car seat based off the size. Use the given dimensions to see if the car seat will comfortably fit in your car.


This is not the same for everyone however. By far the biggest complaint is the difficulty of tightening of the harness. Many reviewers said they learned little tricks to make the tightening process easier, but every time they had to buckle a child into the seat it was a struggle. One reviewer said not everyone has problems with their harness and the difficulty appears in random Size4Me car seats.


This can be attributed to a poorly designed no rethread harness system. When the headrest is at its lowest settings, the plastic parts that hold the padding is set over the harness straps. Any pressure prevents the straps from sliding when they should be. The harness difficulty is only a problem when the car seat is in rear facing mode. When forward facing, the headrest is high enough not to rub the straps and prevent them from sliding.


One reviewer said the harness had to be adjusted from the back first and then they could pull the harness to adjust the strap. After a few months, the reviewer said the harness would not tighten whatsoever with the baby in the seat. Some reviewers have exchanged the car seat five times or more with Graco promising the new model would not have this tightening issue. One reviewer complained that Graco was not taking the harness difficulty seriously. The harness adjustment difficulty varies for each car seat issued. Many people said the difficulty tightening the harness was the only problem with the affordable and comfortable car seat. Reviewers returned the car seat because of this problem, however, because they did not want to spend years wrestling with the straps.




The Graco Size4Me 70 Convertible Car Seat has proven and excellent safety features, such as EPS foam absorption and an effective LATCH and harness system. The car seat does lack in other areas. The biggest complaint is the difficulty in tightening the harness. This problem seems to be hit or miss on some Size4Me car seats, but some people had to return their car seat five or more times trying to get a car seat that does not have the tightening issue. While this model is very affordable, it might be a wiser decision to pay a little more for a dependable car seat that will not have hit or miss issues.

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